who pays return shipping for dishonest sellers?

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I've had to submit many buyer claims since I started buying stuff on here. An alarming % actually. And yes, some where against true-id users, that isn't a magic bullet against stupidity and liars. Having never sold anything on here, and not seeing it spelled out in documentation, who soaks up the shipping cost both ways on returns? Is the seller getting charged fees or is offerup soaking all that shipping cost, because I get refunded in full including shipping. Was just curious. If offerup is covering the bill, If so, I don't see how it is sustainable.


And yes I try to vet stuff, and I'm alot more savy than most people I think, but way too many sellers are flat out liars on, or lie through omission.

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@Mj_206 may be able to clear this up.

You asked "who pays return shipping for dishonest sellers?" but also "who soaks up the shipping cost both ways on returns?"

I would assume as a seller, shipping is tallied with item price. Including any service fee. So sellers will get a refund in full.

As a buyer, I would have to guess that if it falls under 'buyer protection' the buyer will only need to print out a prepaid label and ship it back.

All they really say is "OfferUp will provide return instructions" but why wouldn't they pay if it "covers up to $500 for eligible issues".

These 'issues' would need to fall under the following conditions with a three day minimum inspection upon delivery.

• Seller fails to ship the item
• There was undisclosed damage to the item
• An item is incorrect or missing
• The item received is not as described.

Great Question @zaphoid I've never had anyone file a claim so I'm not sure but would be interested to know the answer
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Hey everyone! While I'm not 100% positive on this, I believe it depends on the type of claim that was submitted. I know that when a counterfeit claim has been opened, we supply the buyer with a shipping label and request them to ship the item to our HQ. 

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That doesn't answer the larger question: "if a seller ships damaged goods, who is responsible for the cost of return shipping?"


 This should be spelled out in offerup's policy.